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Why is Atrium Health CareConnect good for me?

Atrium Health CareConnect is a growing HIE that offers a secure, electronic way for authorized members of your healthcare community, like physicians, clinical staff, public health agencies. This enables staff to drive timely, efficient, safer patient-centered care, while helping to reduce errors and the extra costs associated with redundant or unnecessary procedures. In cases when you or your family may not be able to speak for you, your records can.

Here are some reasons your physician participates in the Atrium Health CareConnect:

Fast Results: When your physician orders a test for you, Atrium Health CareConnect delivers the results to your physician safely and quickly, allowing for immediate follow-up, if needed.

Coordination of Care: Part of the benefit of having an electronic medical records is not having to order and tote paper documents from one appointment to another. An HIE can help provide your newest providers with access to your information in a similar fashion - enabling physicians to get a quick assessment of your medical history before you even show up for your appointment.

Cost savings: Having access to multiple sources of patient results can eliminate duplicate testing, which will save both you and your physician time and money.

Patient safety and security: The Atrium Health CareConnect protects your health information better than paper charts by tracking who has viewed your information. You can request a report from the Atrium Health CareConnect that tells you who has looked at your information.

HIE also improves the quality of care to patients through use of the alerts and tools embedded within electronic medical record systems (EMRs) and reduces the costs and hassles associated with the paper. Doctors will have access to important clinical information that can help them make better decisions about your care. Examples of clinical information that can be accessed through Atrium Health CareConnect include:

  • Lab results
  • Pathology and radiology results
  • Cardiology reports
  • Current and previous medications
  • Hospital ER visits
  • Medical diagnosis and surgeries, and much more.

Atrium Health CareConnect can help when disaster strikes

In natural disasters, like hurricanes, earthquakes, fire, floods or other events, many patients' health records can be lost forever. After such a disaster, physicians have to start over-including performing duplicate tests, which can be very costly for the patient and the physician. Access to clinical information through the Atrium Health CareConnect will ensure there is a back-up for all reports and results that can be accessed even when disaster strikes.